Thursday, April 25, 2013

Twenty-first Century Clutter

Twenty-first Century Clutter
Facebook twitter email skype youtube web pages blogs
and other twenty-first century clutter co-opts my time
and grabs my hours
and in a daze
my days disappear.

And what of the twenty-first century promise: No more paper clutter.
Daily dutifully,
the mail carrier continues to bring donation pleas and advertising mailers/ I them toss out.
The Weekly Jewish Forward that I stopped subscribing to
and magazines pile up like email in my inbox/ so I can read them later. Maybe?

I venture out to real-life, to poetry readings, classes and events
and they give me more paper to bring home
and add to the piles of magazines and Forwards.

The books on my Kindle pile up so I can read them later. Maybe? 

And yet
and yet
I get books from the library and borrow books from friends
and sometimes buy books to read and pass along.
With their solid feel and temporary status I read them now.

Today in the twenty-first century, hard copy books are unique.
They are a treat.
They are rare.
And when I curl up in a chair
I read and reread and mark pages with metal paper clips
and my life is spacious and slow in the old-fashioned twentieth century way.